We are the Stewart Group, a 5th generation, family-run, global manufacturing company running multiple businesses in water-blocking gels and greases supporting the fibreoptic, telecom, energy and structural cable industries; biotech based odour-mitigating technologies for the flooring, footwear, footcare and apparel sectors; and innovative plant-based polymers that are revolutionising the plastics industry with limitless applications.

What began in 1896 as a sales agency for textile manufacturing, evolved over the years into a diversified holding company with an unrelenting focus on innovation. We have facilities in 6 countries, and more than 95% of our markets are international, partnering with some of the largest global companies within the industries we serve.

Today what really lights our fire is driving the next generation of enduring, sustainable products, our participation in the next wave of broadband, cellular and energy infrastructure, and supporting sustainability projects that align with our values. Our technical patented eco foams – used by companies like Vans, Timberland and Keen – are up to 80% plant based. Through our innovations, partners and products, we have avoided almost 1,000,000 kg of CO2 since 2020 as-compared-with the use of traditional petroleum-based ingredients to manufacture EVA and polyurethane foams; the equivalent of planting 97,000 trees. Our water-blocking solutions protect fibreoptic cables used for broadband and cellular communications and submarine energy cables that are a vital part of global connectivity. We continue to develop new products in this space to lead our industry.

While much has changed, from the markets we’ve serviced to the products we’ve developed, what hasn’t changed is our belief in innovation, giving customers exceptional service, and taking care of our employees. We are based in Markham, Ontario, and are 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Global Team


1890’s – 1950’s:
Consulting & Sales Agency

1940’s – 2010’s:
Manufacturing Flooring, Home
Furnishings, Footcare & Telecom

2000’s – Present:
Biotech, Yoga/Wellness

2000’s – Present:
Technologies & Renewables


Our three core businesses today are Evoco, Info-Gel and Stewart Ventures. Evoco is becoming an important player in the drive to implement real change by developing low carbon alternatives to replace the ubiquitous petroleum-based materials. Info-Gel is the premier global manufacturer of thixotropic gels for fibreoptic cables used for broadband, telecom, energy, oil & gas exploration, submarine and structural applications. Stewart Ventures is focused on strategic investments that support our businesses, supplemented with activities as part of the Angel Investment community supporting innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups. Taken together, our companies produce a staggering array of products for a truly global market. Offices are located in Markham, Ontario with facilities stretching across North America, Europe, and Asia.





Bill Morris, David Kidd, Andrew Wilkes, Janet Lafortune


Bill Morris: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Phil Chow: President & Chief Operating Officer

Heather McGarry: Treasurer